Syrian Orthodox Lenten Supper 

What: We will prepare and eat a traditional Syrian lenten supper. Orthodox lent means no meat, no dairy, and no alcohol, although a small glass of wine is permitted on the weekends to lighten the fast. This is a vegan meal and you will learn to make classic vegan Syrian food commonly served for dinner with family and friends. We will work together to prepare a feast and then relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor. This menu is completely vegan. This menu includes wheat, but special accommodations are possible with advance notice.

When: Saturday, March 28, 2020 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.    Where: 6217 N.E. 35th Pl.     Cost: $50

Mezze – muhammara, batinjan makdous (pickled eggplant), zaytoon wa toom (cracked green olives with garlic sauce), assorted homemade pickles – served with juice, soda or tea.


Dinner – Lubee soyim*, riz bi sha’ariyee* (traditional Syrian rice dish), arnabeet ma’a tahniyee* (fried cauliflower with tahini sauce), fattoush salad* – served with juice, soda or tea.

Dessert – Almond Mahalabiyee (Almond milk pudding flavored with cardamom and rose water, served with attar syrup) – served with Arabic coffee or tea.

*Foods we will prepare together. Recipes provided.

Space is limited. Use our contact form to reserve your place. Sign up here.

As always, a portion of the proceeds will be sent directly to Syrian families in need.